The Three-Step Method for Success in Buying a Home

Follow these three-steps to successful homeownership:

Step 1: Get pre-approved for a mortgage!

a. Speak to a legitimate mortgage loan officer.

b. Understand the components of obtaining a mortgage, like down payment and closing costs, income, assets, types of credit, credit repair, debt to income ratios, co-signer, and gift letter.

Step 2: Work with the RIGHT real estate company and agent!

a. Someone who cares about YOUR goals.

b. Someone who's competent, experienced and  knowledgeable about the market and technology.

c. Understand the relationship (the law of agency).

d. Use a major firm that offers plenty of resources.

e. Choose ONE agent to work with.

Step 3: Choose your advocates carefully!

a. Home inspector

b. Real Estate attorney.

c. Insurance agent.

Happy House Hunting!