Make Moving Easier

1. Lighten Up. Whether you're hiring movers or renting a truck and getting help with the heavy lifting, it pays to lighten the load of stuff you plan to move. Now is the time to go through your belongings and be intentional about your goal-if it's broken, underused or you don't see yourself needing it in the future, it's time to donate it.

  • Sell or donate unused items that are still in good condition. Sites like Craigslist and eBay , or apps like Letgo allow you to sell your items easily. Start the process at least a month before your moving date.
  • Recycle items that are broken or worn out.

2. Take breaks. One of the reasons people find moving so stressful is they're overwhelmed by all the tasks that need to get done. While trying to stay on top of everything, it's easy to forget to take breaks and eat. Taking a break will give you the energy you need to recharge before you tackle the next room or task.

3. Pack smart. Be mindful of what you are packing and when you pack it to ensure your valuables are not lost or broken.

  • Start Early
  • Pack by room and number your boxes
  • Pack valuable items yourself
  • If you need certain items right away, pack them in clear plastic bins